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Wanting the cold back to make use of the cloths for clothes stretcher?

Although stretched table fabrics currently have many differences with those stretcher tables that we remember from our grandmothers, (relics of crochet or crochet tablecloth and portraits or stamps on it), its essence remains the same : the pleasant comfort they provide.

Nowadays the tables stretchers play a less familiar or social role than before becoming a more functional complement for certain spaces of the house like living rooms and dining rooms.

clothing fabrics stretcher

Where does the stretcher table come from?

The stretcher table is not a Spanish invention, however much it may seem. ; You could say that it is a universal invention. Its origin comes, probably, from the Middle Ages in Europe where the "taula"Covered with a mantelón. Large boards were used arranged in the spaces in such a way that they served to show the viands. But these mediaeval taulas were impossible to transport with which they began to use boards more coarse and less luxurious and, in order not to let the simplicity of these tables, they adorned themselves by covering them with mantelones. From here comes the expression "dress the table".

In addition, considering these castles or halls of the Medieval, impossible to heat in times of cold, the tables were brought to the fire as much as possible appearing, over time, infiernillos or braziers that the servants placed at the feet of their masters, under the taulas and covered with the mantelones.

The mantelones thus go from decking to giving comfort. You move from the dining table to other more simple and practical tables with many uses such as reading, sewing and meeting. It was the only source of heat, apart from the fire in the hearth, which soon became the center of the house's life. Its use perfects and popularizes them since, in addition, they are very cheap and easy to construct.

Therefore, today, table tables return to that concept of the beautifying Medieval being widely used in restaurants, hotels and, of course, in homes, giving the environments a decorative and comfortable touch at the same time, fast and accessible way.

The most appropriate fabrics

Fabrics for clothing stretcher more appropriate are the Chenille fabrics. It supposes a very warm fabric ideal for the colder seasons that, in addition, it has multiple uses for confection like upholstery, decorate walls, headboards of bed, cushions and, in general, all the decoration of the home.

Photo Gallery offers a wide range of Chenillas fabrics with very diverse textures (velvety, embossed, rough ...) of many thicknesses and motifs very attractive and varied as floral and organic, of fantasy, geometric, of stripes, smooth ... And all models are presented in a very wide range of colors to choose .

In short, it is difficult for you not to feel like coming autumn or winter to sit around the awaited table on the stretcher and cover us with their fabrics so warm to the heat of the stove, "They are the little pleasures of life."

* All fabrics come to 2'80 m wide.

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