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The latest in party dresses with velvet fabrics

When the song comes to our memory "Blue Velvet "(blue velvet) Tony Bennett we transported in time wearing a beautiful and elegant dress made of velvet fabrics that monopolizes all eyes.

velvet fabrics

This soft and delicate fabric has had ups and downs within the fashion industry. But, undoubtedly, for this autumn and winter garments made with velvet fabrics they have become the great stars of the season. There are many fashion firms that They have recovered the velvet in a more comfortable and relaxed way, with practical designs and variety of styles. Of course, the party dress will always be the most absolute protagonist.

Velvet is characterized by being a dense and short pile fabric in which the threads are distributed uniformly. Very nice and silky touch. The velvet fabrics There's a long story behind it. We can not specify its exact age but there are indications that lead us to believe that it was in ancient Egypt that similar fabrics were made for the first time.

In the past, the production of velvet was very expensive so throughout history it has always been related to terms of luxury and prestige. Luckily, at present, although velvet fabrics are still complex to produce, the use of artificial fibers in their manufacture makes them much more economically accessible.

Thanks, among other reasons. at its competitive price, velvet fabrics are undoubted trend for this season and those that come, just as it was always fashionable in previous eras. The elegance that it transmits will never go out of style.

Who does not dream of wearing the green velvet dress, made from curtains, that Scarlett O'Hara looked radiant in gone With the Wind or the dress worn by Barbara Stanwyck in the western "A great lady".

velvet fabrics

But what we want is to make use of velvet without looking like the Renaissance or a Hollywood movie star of the 20 years, with a few simple notions of style, thanks to the versatility of this fabric, you can give it many uses:

- For the manufacture of clothing:
All the diversity in party dresses that you can think of, from long infinity to extra short garments; from very sharp and sophisticated silhouettes to more loose and casual garments.

There are no limits when it comes to making a velvet party dress as there are no limits to making many other pieces for the wardrobe. Tailor suits, classic jackets, bombers, pants, casual wear such as sweatshirts and sports pants ...

- For making accessories
Like wide bags, handbags, turbans and bands, scarves ...

- For all kinds of decoration
Velvet curtains are already a classic for all but you can go further using it for general upholstery (sofas, chairs, frames, headboards ...) or for household items such as cushions and bedspreads that are irresistible for autumn and winter. winter.

velvet fabrics

Photo Gallery offers a wide variety in velvet fabrics. Very varied and trendy colors such as powder blue, duck blue, beige and taupe among many others and, in addition to having the most common velvet fabrics, also offers you a wide range of elastic velvet fabrics that will be perfect for making garments.

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  1. A blog very didactic and quality, congratulations, I loved it.

  2. Thanks for the post, I love velvet. Any pattern to get ideas?

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