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Curl fabrics for making bathroom linen

The terry cloths, are known as towel tissue by the absorption capacity it has, but it also has other multiple uses.

Now that we are in the fall, the days get shorter and we spend more hours at home. Many people open up these hours to read, cook, do crafts or sew.

Curl fabrics

Well, if you feel like making a garment and you do not think very well what to do, a very good and useful idea would be the making of all your bathing suits.

From the hand towels of bath and also to guests or towels bidetUntil the shower mats ó Bathrobes and why not, to get ready already beach towels for the summer that next.

The terry cloths they are also very practical for other household items such as kitchen rags, protectors, slippers, sachets... even some people use it to make clothing.

In addition, the terry cloths offered by Galerias Madrid are from 100% cotton, being an ideal antiallergic product for clothing and accessories for children and babies.

Thus, the fabric of terry or plush is very useful to make towels, bathrobes, bath sheets or changing mats, and of course, an accessory that can not be missing in the life of a baby and that is very easy to do with the terry cloths are the bibs.

You can see all the variety of colors in our section Curl Fabrics

Photo Gallery puts at your disposal a extensive range in colors de Curl fabrics of excellent quality to give shape to all your bath clothes and other home accessories.

You can customize the designs to your liking by adding details such as borders, with petit point, crochet, remnants of other fabrics, floral embroidery, geometric, names or with sympathetic illustrations for the little ones.

The towels will be fantastic, if you also finish them on one of their faces with some of our fabrics with ethnic motifs, floral, stripes, pictures and an endless variety of motifs and fabrics.

The result of your designs can be so great that if you are thinking of doing someone A good gift that is original, unique, practical, beautiful and very within reach of your pocket and you have the idea!

Note: Composition 100% cotton and with 290 grams. Available in 1,60 - 1,70 meters wide and you can buy this fabric by meters from 0,25 meters.

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