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Telas Alpujarreñas, a classic renovated

Before we enter the attractive world of Alpujarras fabrics, let us investigate a little in its history: What they are and where they come from.

The Alpujarras fabrics, as its name implies, come from the valley of The Alpujarra located at the foot of Sierra Nevada, whose name, in turn, comes from Arabic al-bugscharra, meaning "Land of grass" or "Land of grass".

Alpujarras fabrics

The Alpujarra is located between the provinces of Almería and Granada and is characterized, among other things, by the beauty of its landscapes surrounded by nature and the charm of the white Berber villages that make it up.

The presence of looms in the villages of Alpujarra, both to meet the needs of its people and its foreign trade, are a constant in its history.

In this area lived, until the seventeenth century, the last morisco communities of Spain that developed the textile handicraft industry to the point of turning the Alpujarra into the main world center of excellent quality silk production, being in fact the starting point of the Silk Road.

Subsequently, with the reign of the Bourbon, protectionist measures of the textile sector were proclaimed that helped positively the growth of this industry in the Alpujarra.

However, with the liberalization of the textile trade in 1787 ruined the sector being reduced to local consumption of household linen, jars and tapestries.

It was thanks to the establishment of alternative youths in 60 years which caused the Alpujarra to breathe again that artisan textile air that we still know today.

Alpujarras fabrics

Having made this brief historical-geographical introduction, we will focus, on this occasion, on a type of fabrics alpujarreñas directed mainly to the fashion which are perfect for the manufacture of all types of clothing for any season of the year.

From the widest variety of tops such as shirts, ponchos, vests, blouses or blouses to trousers, skirts or dresses ... and, of course, for accessories such as bags, backpacks, sashes, scarves.

Alpujarras fabrics

Everything you can imagine keeping that air so rustic and rustic typical Alpujarra but with a modern touch and current that makes these fabrics an expression of tradition plus renewal of our culture following the example of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who knew how to innovate in fashion starting from her own roots.

Photo Gallery offers very extensive catalog of fabrics alpujarreñas perfect for garments for its texture and lightness and the color display that it presents. Unlimited colors and stripes with the possibility of choosing predominance of colors like blue, red, pink, green ... and even twelfth fabrics that combine very well with others and are being trend for this fall-winter.

Alpujarra fabrics are, in short, a classic in terms of rustic or country style, while at the same time giving class, originality and innovation to fashion.

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