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Tips for your flamenco fabrics

Today we give you the keys to take care of and protect your Flamenca fabrics.

In this funny video, we show you step by step, the most important aspects that you have to take into account at the time of Protect your flamenco fabrics.

If you want your flamenco dress to stay the same as the first day, you should follow the following recommendations:

  • Wash in washing machine, with plenty of cold water and neutral detergent
  • Carry out the washing BEFORE MAKING the flamenco dress.
  • Perform washing tests with tissue samples and supplements to be used in the preparation.
  • Use wipes catch color in the wash. (with a prestigious brand)
  • For underarm area avoid deodorants with Glycol Proleptylene.

And above all, what you should never do is:

  • DO NOT soak in a tub or container, as moving water is necessary. Otherwise, the colors will be diluted.
  • DO NOT expose the fabric to products other than neutral detergent (Vinegar, Salt, Bicarbonate, Zotal, Stain remover, etc).
  • DO NOT expose the fabric to heat, either in a washing machine, dryer or in direct sunlight.
  • DO NOT make without washing the fabric and / or its accessories, to check how they work.
  • DO NOT make smaller sizes than we need.

Finally, a final trick ...

Yes, even if you followed the instructions correctly, there were problems with color (unpainting, contamination of white and dark ...) sometimes the problem is solved by washing several times in a washing machine, cold water, traps-color and neutral detergent.

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